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For questions about your new cast stone mantel product or a better price on shipping call  Dan Zacher, 5 days a week 8-6 M-F

Select the image that most closely resembles the Cast Stone Mantel product you are looking for. 

Enhance the Beauty of your home with one of the wide selection of HearthCo Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels from Cast Stone Mantels at reasonable prices, hundreds of designs to choose from. If you have any questions or just want to get a better price on shipping we are available 7 days a week before 7 PM AZ time. Call Chris Bales at 310-904-2200 .

Start here to find the Cast Stone Mantel design from our huge selection.  Select the image from the choices that comes closest to the Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel you are looking for.  Naturally this will take you to additional selections of Contemporary Cast Stone Mantels or  Traditional Cast Stone Mantels.

Non-Combustible Cast Stone Mantels

All cast stone mantel products are non-combustible. As a result Gypsum or Stone both allow for zero clearance from combustible material.  Therefor there is no space required between firebox and mantel.  Most importantly this gives you maximum flexibility in design for all fireplaces, electric, gas or wood burning.  Hundreds of beautiful designs are available in up to 3 stone finishes.  Also, there are  7 colors for stone.   Gypsum is paint grade ready for your own custom choice of colors or faux finish.

Material Stone and Gypsum

You may order material samples from any mantel page.  Our hollow fiberglass reinforced process produces a lighter weight.  This results in an  easier to install product perfect for you project.

TraverStone is our coined word for a Tumbled Travertine look.  This beautiful material is a hand packed, fiberglass reinforced, Portland Cement mix.  As such it is noncombustible and requires no separation from the firebox. Small distress marks up to the size of a silver dollar give TraverStone the natural stone appearance.  This makes  each piece is unique, just as the natural stone material it emulates.   Additionally you can use the Patch material provided to re-shape the marks by simply dabbing them into the distressed area with a damp sponge.  Finally you may order a “tight Pack” in the comments section of your order to lessen the appearance of distress marks.  TraverStone is the natural stone material for all our cast stone fireplace mantels, range hoods and outdoor living fire tables and fire pits.

The Tivoli finish starts out as the TraverStone then gets sand blasted.  Naturally this process gives Tivoli that aged look.  Order Tivoli on our full line of cast stone mantels, range hoods and outdoor living products.

Piatto finish is a totally smooth stone finish.  As such, it is available in our MetroScapes, range hoods and outdoor living fire table and fire pit products.

Gypsum is “paint grade”, meaning it is ready to paint.  Naturally it too is non-combustible and is available on all our indoor products.  The Gypsum product is also heavily fiberglass reinforced.  It goes into the mold as a liquid and comes out totally smooth.  This makes Gypsum the perfect material if you want a modern look, a faux finish, or the look of painted wood.   

Quality Cast Stone Mantels since 1990

Quality and integrity since 1990.  Welcome to the pre-cast world of HearthCo’s cast stone mantels, outdoor living and range hood designs.  Select your material, finish and color, all supported by HearthCo’s satisfaction guarantee.

Our Story

In 1990 HearthCo, Inc. founder Dan Zacher devised a method of construction designed to make installation simpler.  He began with a simple one-piece fiberglass reinforced cast stone mantel with a reinforced cap.


This small simple mantel, the Dublin, was his the first mold HearthCo ever produced (before the company was even named HearthCo).  Now, 30 years later the Dublin is still the top selling model with California home builders. And it is still HearthCo’s biggest seller.  This simplicity of design carried forward into other models like the Essex, the Tiburon, Pacific and Coloma.

As the designs became more complex and the sizes increased HearthCo began to produce a line of multi-piece mantels and surrounds.   Old favorites include Mesa, Pinnacle.  Most recently the largest size 3-43 Pacifica has been converted to a multi-piece.

Contemporary Cast Stone Mantels and Shelves

As the fireplace industry and consumer tastes have changed HearthCo’s designs have changed along with them.   HearthCo developed a full line of Contemporary Cast Stone Mantels called the MetroScapes line.


It also became necessary to make a line of Shelves, and mantel surrounds in custom lengths.  To the best of my knowledge, HearthCo is the only company that offers the ability to order these models in any length you want up to a maximum of 90″ at no additional charge.

Many of the Metroscapes line and the new Interchangeables in the Traditional lines qualify.  The simply elegant line of interchangeables range from 5-9″ deep.  The are designed for smaller more intimate areas.  The Living/Family room line range from 9-12″ in depth.  The Great Room Interchangeables lines range from 12″ -16 1/2″ in depth.  These designed to be the center piece of that very special large home Great Room.  The thing they all have in common is the ability to order them in custom lengths at no extra charge.

The Interchangeables have between 2-20 different leg sets which, when interchanged create different designs to match your home.

Cast Stone Mantel Summary

HearthCo has supplied every major builder with a variety of designs second to no one. Now you can add the HearthCo touch to your own home.  Choose from the industry’s largest selection of contemporary and traditional styles to find that special look “just for you”.  HearthCo, Inc. has been an industry leader in supplying the quality home builders on the West Coast for 30 years and they are a great choice for the builder or home owner alike.